AAE Mosaic Project display AAE More artworks AAE Guests admiring artworks
AAE MC Peter Chung in Auctioneer mode AAE More artworks (including students) AAE Artist in Residence TJ
 AAE Guests viewing & discussing artworks AAE Gallery view  AAE CI Administrator The Hon. Jon Stanhope
 AAE Kompang Drummers Group  AAE Lion Dance Troupe AAE Lion Dance
Mosaic Project Golden Bosun Mosaic Project Workshops Mosaic Project fern fronds
Mosaic Project Whaleshark in progress Mosaic Project Workshops with Sandy Robertson  Childrens Dance Classes
Clay Workshops for Adults Art Workshops for Children Hip Hop Workshop
Hip Hop Project Optamus performing at CIDHS Zumba class with Ebony Loop the Loop Performance
Drawing Classes with Arthur Chuckman Watercolour classes with Arthur Chuckman Linoprinting with Jo Doble
Environmental art workshop with Rob Reynolds Gum San Dragon Quilt Gum San Dragon Quilt
Finished Thong Fish Art Creating Thong Fish Art with  Emma Washer BraWorks display at Ta Jin House
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ACCI programs and events include activities
offered throughout the year ranging from art
workshops to weekly dance and yoga classes, to
funded projects which regularly bring visiting artists
and performers to the island.

Go to our ‘What’s On’ page to see what we have in
store for 2016

Activities/events in 2015 included:
●  Pottery Wheel Workshops in February
     run by Stewart Scambler
●  Completion of the Mosaic Project,
    culminating in installation of a beautiful
    Mosaic Wall on the CI foreshore
●  Performances by vibrant musician
    Grace Barbé
●  Kids art workshops
●  Yoga for Little Loves
●  The Annual Art Exhibition featuring a
    Photo Silent Auction

Some of the activities/events in
2014 included:
●  Just Sing
●  Art workshops, including Linoprinting,
    Clay workshops & Kids workshops
●  Mirror Frame Workshops with visiting
    artist Emma Washer
●  Photography seminar with Steve
●  The Annual Art Exhibition

Annual Art Exhibition
Each year ACCI hosts the Annual Art Exhibition
which showcases artworks from the Christmas
Island community including painting, drawing,
printmaking, photography, textiles and sculptural
works, as well as performing arts and music.

The 2015 Annual Art Exhibition featured a Photo
Silent Auction, Artist in Residence, the Youth Art
Encouragement Award (sponsored by CIP) and a
display of the Mosaic Wall panels. The Arts Room
Gallery was open to the public for a week with a
steady stream of art lovers dropping in to view all
of the amazing artworks.
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