2018 Annual Art Exhibition
Food fest 2018
Kids Art Workshop
Kids Art Workshop
Kids Art Workshop
Loose Ends Performance
Painting on Driftwood
Pottery Workshops
Fabric workshops
Fabric Workshops
2016 Photography Project, Butterfly by Alan Hill
2016 Photography project, Playing with light
2016 Christmas Island Food Festival Gala
2016 Musicians at the CI Food Festival
2016 Students with Julie & Billy, CI Food Fest Launch
2016 Hidden Garden Field Trip
2016 Hidden Garden Field Trip
2016 Hidden Garden Field Trip
2015 Mosaic Sculpture
2015 Mosaic Sculpture, Panels in progress
2015 Mosaic Sculpture, grouting
2015 Mosaic Sculpture, panels ready to apply to the sculpture
2015 Mosaic Sculpture, workshop participants
2015 Mosaic Sculpture, More workshop fun
2015 Mosaic Sculpture, more workshops
2015 Mosaic Sculpture, hard at work
2015 Mosaic Sculpture, workshop time
2015 Mosaic Sculpture, artists at work
2015 Mosaic Sculpture, planning stage
2015 Grace Barbe Performance
2015 Grace Barbe Performance
2015 Grace Barbe
2015 Pottery Workshops with Stewart Scambler
2015 Pottery items
2015 Pottery, working the wheel
2015 Pottery, more pots
2015 Pottery students at work
2014 Mirror Frame completed
2014 Mirror Frame Workshop
2014 Emma Washer
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ACCI programs and events include activities offered throughout the year ranging from art workshops to weekly dance and yoga classes, to funded projects which regularly bring visiting artists and performers to the island.

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Activities/events in 2018 included:
●  Loose Ends performances & workshops

●  Art Workshops for Adults & Kids Including -
        - Painting & Pottery

●  CI Food Fest, including:
    -  Island Chef Competition & Dinner
    -  Cooking classes with Jimmy Shu  
    -  Morning Market

Video Mapping & Projection Workshops &

●  The Annual Art Exhibition

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