Arts and Culture Christmas Island (ACCI) is a not-for-profit
member based incorporated association which runs a yearly
calendar of programs and events that recognises and promotes
the talents, expertise and cultural diversity of the Christmas
Island community.
ACCI achieves this through Christmas Island partnerships,
through government funding and through the contribution of local
and visiting artists, musicians, trainers and craftsmen and
ACCI occupies space at the Old Tech School, which is the hub
for many workshops, performances and events, as well as the
administrative headquarters.

ACCI is overseen by  a Committee of Management with
Executive Members who are elected at the Annual General
Meeting each year.

The current Committee Members are -

Part-time staff provide operational support and general
administration for the organisation.
Administration Officer - Maria Pinzon

Arts and Culture Christmas Island is supported by the
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development
through the Department of Culture and the Arts (WA) and
Country Arts (WA).
Also through partnerships with Christmas Island organisations
such as CITA, Shire of Christmas Island, CIDHS, CLA, CIP, the
Malay Club and other local sponsorships.

Membership of ACCI is open to all residents and non residents
alike who have an interest in or wish to support and participate
in ACCI programs. 
Annual Membership costs:
●  $20 for an individual
●  $30 for a family

2017 Membership Application Form PDF
2017 Membership Application Form MS Word

As a member you will -
●  Be notified in advance of ACCI programs and    events.
●  Receive information on affiliated Perth and regional WA arts
    programs and events.
●  Have the opportunity to be involved in various ACCI activities.
●  Be supporting local artists and art programs.
Chairperson Patricia Power
Deputy Chairperson Kate McFarlane
Treasurer Megan Wellstead
Secretary Kate McFarlane
General Committee Julie Cope
Beck Kitson

Sarah Faulkner
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